FRIDAY OCTOBER 13th, 7PM        $18


Violinist Gloria Ferry Brennan and pianist Sheila Weidendorf present a “HeartStrings: Music of Pathos & Passion”.  These local greats will perform works by Dvorak, Brahms, Debussy, Hovhaness and more.

SATURDAY October 14th, 7PM          


Stuart Zobel is a guitarist, composer, and teacher whose emphasis is in Latin American music and creating music for the screen and stage.  He has composed and directed music for circus, vaudeville, stage plays, and movies.He is the former leader of the Fremont Philharmonic and was the music director for the Fremont Players.  During his tenure with the Fremont Philharmonic, he composed music for the Cirque de Flambe and for various British Panto shows, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and the Three Dwarfs, Puss ‘n Boots, Cinderella, and Aladdin and his Magic Lamp.In 2006, he composed and recorded an original soundtrack to Threatened, a documentary about Colombians living under death threats from militias, guerilla groups, and government officials.

Brandi Ledferd has been playing percussion in the Seattle area for over 20 years.  Brandi has performed in groups including Northwest Symphony, Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra, Gamelan Northwest, Fremont Philharmonic, and Pacific Northwest Film Scoring.  Brandi currently specializes in Brazilian percussion playing in styles including samba, choro, bossa nova, Northeastern, and Afro Brazilian. She has performed with Vamolá, Dina Blade, Emerson Pirot, Grupo Amoroso, Choro Tocando, Combo Choro, Onda Verde, Seattle Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, Women of En Canto, and Choroloco.

Multi-instrumentalist/percussionist Naoyuki Sawada is the newest member of Choroloco since 2013. He is a native of Japan and moved to NYC in his early 20s where he studied Brazilian music. He toured with a NY-based Afro-Brazilian dance company “Roots of Brazil” as a percussionist for 3 seasons before moving to Seattle.  Currently he is also collaborating with a Capoeira master Edna Lima for her solo CD project.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 20th, 7PM          


The intimate duo of Milo Peterson and Dmitri Matheny return to OM.  Variety Magazine called Milo “a dynamic guitarist, melodic & bluesy.”  The San Francisco Chronicle refers to Dmitri as “one of the jazz world’s most talented horn players.”  With their immense talent combined, this duo presents an evening of jazz, blues, bossa nova, & beyond!

SATURDAY October 21st, 7PM          


Deja Blooze is a local collection of talented musicians dedicated to Blues.  A perfect combination of gravelly soulful voices, rumblin’ basslines, endless lead guitar licks, and rhythm that provide a steady groove and thump through the night.  Deja Blooze will be a dose to cure your woes and let you leave it all behind.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 27th, 7PM          


This dynamic trio plays flamenco with a contemporary twist.    Enjoy an evening filled with the excitement that defines flamenco by a group whose music is tightly complex and compelling.  DAZZLING! Check out their music at www.amigosnobles.com

Jerry Wirkkala is a masterful guitarist who’s been fusing nuevo flamenco, blues & jazz & has been performing around the Seattle area for a number of years.  Richard Ferguson has been a rock player for many years. After attending a Gipsy Kings concert Richard became inspired, purchased a classical guitar and began learning the Euro-Nuevo Flamenco style songs Jerry was playing.  Angelo Ortiz is a well-known , gifted percussionist, recently named Best Instrumentalist by the Washington Blues Society in 2016. Angelo has had multiple previous nominations for best percussionist and has appeared on the cover of “Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine, a nationally published music trade magazine.

SATURDAY October 28th, 7PM          

BAHIA  $10

Influenced by African-American Jazz, Afro-Cuban Mambo, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba, Boogaloo and Swing, Bahia are known as the ‘purveyors of tropical sound’.  Impressive & tight instrumentation, feel-good grooves, and outstanding rhythm.

FRIDAY November 3rd, 7PM          


The local duo of Brad & Fran dazzle you with class, professionalism and their talented walk through the halls jazz and Americana greats.  Skinny Tie Jazz play standards and not-so standards! Their tunes come mainly from the Great American Song Book, but also offer an eclectic ‘gemisch’ of rock & roll classics as well as some strange oddities to tickly your fancy.

SATURDAY November 4th, 7PM          


Led by Troy Chapman, formerly of Pearl Django, Hot Club is devoted to the classic swing jazz developed by Django Reinhardt.  Their new album “Django” celebrates the legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, as one history’s greatest jazz musicians, and as an excellent composer as well.

FRIDAY November 10th, 7PM          


Greg started playing guitar in his early teens and went on to study music and theory at the Cornish School of Music, Seattle, WA. In the music community he is known as, a well rounded, experienced player. His passion for music was fired by such diverse influences as jazz/funk guitarist Howard Roberts,
grooves by Freddie King and Ray Charles, jazz masters Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and a long list leading to varied contemporary artists. As a member of the Viceroys, Greg was inducted into the Northwest Hall of Fame. On Whidbey Island, Greg is a member of the swing jazz ensemble, Trio Nouveau and lead guitarist for the Latin Band, Bahia.

Greg is accompanied by Scott Small on drums, Gary Way on piano, and Richard Hughes on Bass.

SATURDAY November 11th, 7PM          


Multifaceted Sista Otis is a Singer/Emcee/Songwriter/Performer Extraordinaire whose sound was born in Detroit and raised in New Orleans. As she tells the story, “In a lil’ Jazz club in the French Quarter, lady Blues was feeling the Soul from Motown. So she Hip-Hopped up on Motown’s lap to Rock ‘N Roll and got the Funk on. Meanwhile, Folk wondered in off the streets with crazy hair and dark shades an wrote the story down.” On that night, Sista Otis was conceived but she just calls it, “Rock ‘N Roll.”

Now having sold over 100,000 songs and downloads, she is an international recording artist. Opening for such acts as Zac Brown Band, Blues Traveler, Fishbone, and festival headliners, Wilco, R.E.M, Kings Of Leon and many more. With air play in 12 different countries, songs featured in Indie Films and international animation, you’ll keep hearing about Sista Otis because she is what music legend is made of. Now that’s a mighty big claim but I swear, go out an catch her show, it’ll change your life. You will find our hometown sweetheart is the real deal, touring year round and out there somewhere criss-crossing the American black top right now, living the song writers life with nothing but the fans that love her to call home.

“She has enough power to fuel a fire and enough soul to make James Brown proud.”
– Rachel May, Detroit News

FRIDAY November 17th, 7PM          


The Island Jazz Collective plays 20th Century swing, blues and latin jazz standards.  Featuring Bob Wagner on Keyboard, Don Wodjenski on Saxophone, Mark Strohschein on Electric Guitar, Dale Stirling on Bass, & Ken Bloomquist on Drums.

SATURDAY November 18th, 7PM          

SIRI & STEVE   $10

Siri Bardarson, pop/jazz vocalist and cellist along with Steve Trembley, electric guitar and vocals (think Johhny A. or John Scofield with a huge amount of Eric Clapton thrown in) are “Siri and Steve”, a truly unique cello/guitar and vocal collaboration.

Masters of “deranging” tunes, their eclectic playlist includes everything from Edith Piaf to Hendrix and their original tunes are the icing on the cake.  The Steve Trembley Band is the annual headliner at Coupeville’s beloved Musselfest and he has performed with local phenom Nathaniel Talbot at Oak Harbor Music Festival. Siri has performed at Bumbershoot, Folklife and the KPLU Jazz stage Summer Concerts in Seattle.  A not-to-be-missed combination of talents and styles.

FRIDAY November 24th, 7PM          


Timothy Hull is back from tour in Amsterdam and will share his mix of ‘Busker Pop’ – a conglomeration of honest to goodness, salt of the earth, genuine and heartfelt songs.

Jim Page is well known in coffee houses and folk clubs in Seattle and the northwest, as well as in Britain and Ireland, where he has been touring since the 60’s.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Jim is busy with multiple projects in simultaneous array – constant solo performance, plus various ensemble configurations, leading to more albums.  Jim was one of the founders of the Pike market performers Guild, Seattle’s first street performers union.  They organized and ran the first and only Busker Festival to be operated entirely by buskers, and he again petitioned the City Council, this time to created Buskers Week.  Another Seattle first!  In 2005 Jim was invited to Taiwan for the first time, again that next year.  And 2007 Jim was included in an all star cast of the “50 most Influential Musicians In Seattle History,”  a position shared with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.

To date, Jim’s songs have been covered by The Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, The Moving Hearts, Dick Gaughan, Roy Bailey, David Soul, Leftover Salmon, and Michael Hedges.  He has received awards from Artist Trust and Jack Straw Productions.  His music has been included on ,many compilations, including the Grammy Nominated “Best Of Broadside.”

SATURDAY November 25th, 7PM          


If you have never witnessed Beverly and Ken’s performance you are DUE!  Whidbey is home to many amazing performers and this couple is at the top of the list.  Please allow yourself to enter Beverly’s world (she will make it easy for you:) and be entertained with her off the cuff storytelling, her outstanding sense of creating mood, and of course – important lyrical compositions that move you to a higher realm.

FRIDAY December 1st, 7PM          


Award-winning, internationally know guitarist Andre Feriante returns to Ott & Murphy.  The flavor of Italy, Spain, Brazil.. with a hint of the magical beauty of the Northwest.. Andre Feriante’s guitar playing is truly unique and creative. He is a Segovia-trained player who has gone on to develop his own flamenco fusion style blending many influences.  Andre was born in Italy and fell in love the guitar as a teenager in Rome. By the age of 21 he had played concerts in US, Europe and South America. He has been touring for more than 35 years sharing his original compositions with audiences in the Northwest and beyond.

Andre’s program is a mix of flamenco, classical, Brazilian, folk, jazz and original composition. Most recently he has began offering  a multi-instrument show using various guitars, the ukulele, banjo and the harp guitar. This sound is reflected on his 14th album,  Terra de Eros.

Andre will take you on musical journey in to the beauty of the Mediterranean with his array of guitar sounds, vocals in Italian and a few familiar classics as well. Andre most recently moved to Langley where his is composing new music  and beginning to launch a ‘sound healing’ practice.



SATURDAY December 2nd, 7PM          


The Joann Quintana Band is a Seattle singer/songwriter band recognized for songcraft excellence and sonic diversity. This trio of accomplished musicians performs original material that includes driving folk-rock, sly and slinky jazz, folk-boogie, acoustic blues and twang. Based on an island in Puget Sound, the band draws from acoustic-based Americana, rock, folk, jazz, alt-country and acoustic-blues. They have literate, roots-based song lyrics, combined with catchy melodies and  soaring rhythms. Joann is songwriter, vocals and rhythm guitar; Tom Ehrlichman plays lead guitar and Kevin Voigt grooves on bass guitar.  Joann & co. share an expansive, eclectic blend of folk-rock, boogie, jazz, acoustic blues and twang. Original tunes that rock your body and move your soul.

FRIDAY December 8th, 7PM          


Trio Nouveau plays classic swing jazz from the Great American Songbook and music inspired by the great guitarists in history such as Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau.  Innovative and improvisational, Trio Nouveau orchestrate guitar mastery and a playful interplay between all members on stage.  This time of year, they will undoubtedly deliver some classy holiday tunes to raise your spirits.

SATURDAY December 9th, 7PM          


Jim Lightner of the Shifty Sailors and Betty Lightner of Island Dance, make up the Harbor Lights Duo.  They present a variety of banjo and guitar music from Roaring Twenties favorites to original songs – numbers from James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, The Beatles, Garth Brooks, and some favorite old standards from the 40’s and 50’s.