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Ott & Murphy Wines | Whidbey Island, Wa

  At Ott & Murphy Wines, we  handcraft small lots of artisan wines utilizing traditional French and artisan techniques: cold soaks, co-fermentation at crush, hand punch downs, stem Inclusion, sur lie aging & battonage, minimal filtration or fining, and carefully balanced oak exposure.

We handle our wines very lightly during barrel aging, striving to minimize pumping.  The winemakers favor low oxygen exposure during barrel aging to help preserve the wines’ intense fruit flavors and aromas.

Our Swedish Arts and Crafts inspired  winery is designed to optimize its solar exposure with an insulated, passive-solar heated fermentation room.  And  our cellar employs super-insulation and earth cooling to minimize its energy use.  Along similar lines, we are using lighter weight glass for many of our releases, saving resources and energy.

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  1. Hi Kent, Sorry about this calamity! Hmm, I wonder what went wrong. We were pouring possession in our shop until just a couple of weeks ago and it is still tasting great. We would be happy to accept your return. If you are able to stop by the tasting room on a Saturday afternoon, one of the owners will be there. Otherwise, our staff can credit you.

  2. Please email me so I can send you a message – have left comments, but have yet to receive any kind of response ? Thanks

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